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Coaching is an intimate, powerful, and expansive relationship inspired by one central priority: your growth and transformation. The more we show up in our full humanity and uniqueness, the more powerfully we activate our greatest human potential. 

The deep personal work (and play) we access within ourselves and our relationships directly develops our capacity to show up in the world and enact our ultimate purpose. Learning to co-exist, communicate, build relationships and transform conflict is integral to our individual and collective emergence and liberation. All things are connected.


We work together one-on-one for between 6 months and a year. Anything less is too short for this kind of transformational work. We meet twice a month (via zoom or in-person in Southern California), with unlimited in-between support through text/voice messaging and mini-calls as needed. I am highly selective and take on only a few clients at a time to cultivate close, trustful relationships and curate highly personalized offerings so you can receive undistracted support in realizing your unique goals and aspirations.


  1. Apply for a complementary 90 minute session below, where we will explore your deepest desires and our chemistry together. 

  2. All programs are by invitation only. If, after meeting, we are both are a resounding YES to the relationship...

  3. Prepare for magic. 


Tara Freeman,

Massachusetts, US

Kim has been my coach for a few months now and in that time I have had tangible results. I came to Kim after graduating college, unsure of my path and how to approach a career in an industry that is famous for being unstable - entertainment. Kim has helped me pave my path within the industry -

and I’m now working in places I have only dreamed of.

More importantly, Kim has helped me reframe my thoughts and orient myself to approach conflicts, decisions, and events differently. She has helped me navigate my career path and so many other aspects of my personal life. 

Kim has a superpower where whenever I receive a text or email, I feel so supported and  motivated. My calls with Kim leave me feeling much more content, and excited to see how I can choose what I want in life and ways I can get there.

After graduating from college I was very confused about my life and how to navigate the many pressing choices in front me about studies and my career. I was not able to decide and I started doubting myself a lot.

I came to know Kim in 2016, and even just a couple of hours discussing with her about my life issues helped me to clear a lot of my self doubts and confusion. I’ve continued to work with her since and in that time I have learned about self reflection, goal setting, finding inner peace and self love from her. She is such a motivating and aspiring person.

I think she is the best person for people like me to consult with and share doubts, insecurities and problems. With Kim, I’ve learnt that there can be ease in letting go and making my life better.

Parbati Shrestha


Iliana Marentes Taradji

Paris, France

Kim is truly a gem!! From the very beginning, she creates a space where I feel genuinely cared about and understood.


She has this perfect balance of simply listening and providing me a space to talk and be heard, and then she dives in. Her questions dive beneath the surface and uncover key thoughts and feelings — it’s like a never ending lightbulb moment! She makes it easy for me to become vulnerable and our conversations leave me feeling both peaceful and empowered!

Thank you Kim for holding space for me and for helping me find clarity in all areas of my life.​

Kim can only be described as a rare gem. As I've been on a journey of self-discovery for many years - experiencing a wide range of teachers, coaches, counsellors, guides of all kinds - I've developed my own discernment of what works, what benefits, what resonates... and I find Kim to be as wise, heart-led and in-integrity as they come. I could not recommend this woman's services - her golden guidance and space-holding - enough. 

As someone who also works to support and guide others, Kim wholeheartedly inspires me as the leader I hope to be. With every detail of and approach to her work, she truly embodies the peace and wisdom she advocates. Her gentleness, her spaciousness, her intelligence, her deep listening; coming into her orbit has transformed my life for the better

Georgia Takacs

Trieste, Italy

 * Note on money:

My core philosophy is one of collective liberation: We are not truly free until we are all free.


The inequality in ownership and control of our global shared resources is one of our most systemic injustices, which disproportionately impacts women and youth, particularly from developing and emerging nations. I am aware of this and consciously create material and provide sliding-scale services, scholarships and non-monetary exchanges for coaching and consultations as is appropriate.


Please feel free to ask me questions about this.

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