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I know you and your pain points

 Do you feel scared to speak up at times because you don't want to fight or fall into destructive patterns with others? 

↠ Do you wish you could have more connected heartfelt communication, stop sweeping things under the rug, and build lasting trust in your relationships?

↠ Do you believe the impact of your work would only be multiplied if you became a stronger communicator? 

↠ Are you tired of compromising on your core values and beliefs for the sake of others' preferences or cultural and industry norms?

↠ Do you worry that inability to competently negotiate for yourself will result in substandard outcomes?

↠ Do you want to be a force for peace and feel like you are making a difference just through how you show up in the world?


If you replied YES to any of these questions,

then this course is for you.


(story, my pain point, my results/solution & how I can help) 

I get it. I used to struggle terribly with conflict.

I would oscillate between speaking harshly and feeling silenced, neither giving me the results I wanted.

I felt at times like I was at war with some of the people whom I wanted to love the most. I didn't understand how some of my most important relationships could be the source of so much suffering and grief.

These questions about conflict worked me so much, that they became a primary focus of my life's work - from lawyer to peace specialist, to becoming a coach, author and spiritual mentor.


In my own life, I admit that I'm far from perfect, but I have come a long way in integrating peaceful approaches into my daily life. This has led to incredibly beautiful, truthful relationships, and powerful connections that inspire my most creative, fulfilling work yet.

It is now my joy and honor to serve others who want to break their conflict patterns and have more direct, whole-hearted, and powerful connections with those they care about most.

You are capable of more. You deserve better.

Let me teach you how.

An 80-year Harvard study revealed that the quality of our relationships is the single-most important factor influencing our quality of life, and level of health - beyond social class, IQ, and genes.  (Harvard, 2017)


Process, what they'll learn, how it will help them, details

I help you learn how to

1. Speak clearly and powerfully about what you care about most and be heard

2. Increase your fluency in handling communication issues in relationships

3. Bring up challenging topics skilfully and find common ground

4. Harness the creative potential of conflict for greater connection and intimacy in relationships


We will do this through

4 modules: 

1) Starting with Self

2) Extending to Others

3) The Whole Picture (from Self to Other to World)

4) Live components, Q&A, facilitated conflict sessions

(opportunity to sign up, volunteer a real life scenario)



Become a stronger communicator
Learn to defuse anger more skilfully (deescalate) and bring the conversation back to the central issue
Develop your ability to build peace and mediate a situation (whether or not you are personally involved)
Cut through the bullshit and develop a quicker, clearer point of view
Convey authentic, influential persuasion
Navigate hard conversations

Dissolve old patterns and make space for new ways of being to emerge

Deepen your relationships, invite in more authenticity and integrity


When - 4 weeks course (moon cycle)

1. Sep 2

2. Sep 9

3. Sep 16 (14 - FM)

4. Sep 23
How often - each week (Monday - new content releases)

What medium - new video, audios, (content), exercises

In her highly acclaimed work 5 lessons from the dying, Ware shares one of the top regrets "I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings". Suppressing our innate human need to express ourselves to others whose opinions we we care about, leads to us carrying around bitterness and resentment, and can contribute towards serious illnesses.  (WareNIH study)


Guided Meditation - the other is you.


Pdf on (emotional regulation) 

Peacebuilding resources

FB group? 






Jo Hob


When Kim and I first met, I was in a 6 month long “rebound relationship”, after my 10 year relationship came to an end. I was very unhappy with my situation and could not figure out the “right way” to end things (and was in denial that I needed to press stop, already!) He was a very nice person, just NOT for me. I spent months telling myself that I should stick it out and try to make it work- his family was nice, he enabled old habits, etc. 

Kim listened to my complaints and excuses... and then gave me her insight. She helped me realize that I needed to gain control of my emotions and thoughts, before making a calculated move. The limiting beliefs that I was not worthy of having EVERYTHING that I wanted disappeared. It didn’t take long to realize how silly it was of me to keep someone in my life that didn’t belong there. Stepping out of my comfort zone and gaining control of my life and independence is something that happened almost immediately after my time with Kim. Not only did she verbally guide me through this process, but her in-person presence had me even more comfortable making decisions, based off of her ability to calmly and gently lead me in the right direction.


Besides helping me make romantic relationship decisions, Kim has also taught me many other ways/ techniques that mold me into a better human. “Listening more and saying less” has been one of the best lessons I’ve learned, from Kim. Not only is she calm, cool & collected, but she’s brilliant and has a degree in law. She’s also traveled across the world and conquered goals that people only dream of. 


I am so grateful that Kim invested her time into, helping me better my relationship with others and myself. 


Following Kim advice on staying on track with my life’s purpose I have been able to realise many of my goals without the stress I experienced in the past. Communication is key and what a better person to start developing that other than ourselves. Kim is the perfect guide.

If you think that relationships are stressful, communication is challenged & your spiritual life needs a recalibration you are not alone. Working with Kim can be an investment worth the time & energy.

Anastasis Tzanis 39

@the.nutritionist.yogi on Fb & IG



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who am I, why should they trust me, my why, my results 


Hi, I'm Kim 

I am passionate about creating a more peaceful world through dialogue, connection and evolving our capacity for deep compassion. 

I am a peace and conflict specialist, lawyer and mediator. I integrate spiritual approaches throughout my work and support my clients' incredible transformations.  

In my own life, my relationships have been my training ground for better communication. They have also been mirrors alerting me to the work I needed to do within myself in order to become the person I wanted to be in the world.

It is my honor and joy to be able to serve others who wish to transform their lives and the world around them.

Please read more about me [here - link about]

"Let your love be world-changing. (Because it is). - Cleo Wade


Q: Who is this right for?

A: Anyone who desires more in their relationships - greater intimacy, realness, emotional satisfaction.

Anyone who wants to directly improve their life through gaining the skills to handle challenging conversations better, no matter the context.

Q: What can I expect? 

A: A full-hearted, intelligent and energizing experience.

A deeper understanding of yourself, your patterns and how you connect with others and to the world.

A unique opportunity to expand your capacities in these crucial life skills that are rarely taught in education or in the workplace, yet are vital to living meaningful lives with healthy relationships.

 A supportive container and online community to share this learning adventure with.

Practical tools and methods to apply directly and immediately to challenges arising in your life now.

Q: Do I need to know anything/have a background in this?

A: No, not at all. The only requirement is a desire to learn and commit to one's own growth.

Q: I already have background in working with conflict - what makes this special?

A: My approach integrates conflict transformation, mediation and negotiation expertise with ancient teachings from yoga, Buddhism, and Daoism, and modern insights from positive psychology, developmental and integral theory.

This will deepen your personal philosophy on how you deal with such challenges in your life, and cultivate greater trust in your skills and intuition. 

Q: What if I need more help beyond the course content?

A: I am offering VIP package, which includes two 1-hour private coaching sessions with me so that we can work indepth to support your specific challenges. I recommend one session at the beginning and one at the end of the course, but I am flexible if you have specific requests for the time of these sessions.

Q: I'm busy right now, I don't think I have time for this even though I care about it.

A: Modules will be released on a weekly basis, to run through the month of September 2019, but it is up to you when you start and complete these.

You will have lifetime access to all course content (including recorded live components), and any future updates.

Q: I want to do this but cost is an issue. Can you help me?

A: I offer a Payment Plan of ____ 

If this option is not workable for you and you would like to request a scholarship,

please email me at, sharing with me your circumstances and what this course means to you.

(I particularly welcome requests from people in the global south, especially women and youth).


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