Hi, I'm Kim

I'm a Coach, Author 

Peace Specialist

I help people and groups unlock their highest potential through harnessing the creative power of conflict.

I offer integrated and holistic approaches in my coaching and conflict transformation work: bridging East and West and tending to mind-body-soul. 


In my professional career, I trained as a lawyer in London and Singapore and later specialised in international peace issues as a conflict resolution specialist and peace researcher in and around the United Nations in New York. I received my masters from Columbia University in negotiation and conflict resolution (later supporting postgraduate teaching there as an Associate) and I am a certified mediator with the New York Peace Institute. 

My peacebuilding research work has taken me to places including Uganda and Cambodia, collaborating with universities, institutes, international and local non-governmental organizations, and grassroots activists. My skill set is complemented through training in nonviolent communication, peacemaking circles and other authentic communication practices. Incorporating these into my own life over the last decade has directly improved my own relationships and thoroughly benefited the quality of my life. As such, it gives me tremendous joy to share practical yet elegant ideas, approaches and tools with others to improve their fluency in navigating conflict and improving relationships.

I help establish sustainable healthy patterns and mindsets that support powerful self-expression, 

growth, play and healing. I hold RYT 200-hour and Acroyoga teacher certifications and have taught yoga, meditation, partner acrobatics and Thai massage around China, Taiwan, Japan, Bali and Singapore to an international audience. I am deeply influenced by Zen and Tibetan Buddhism and Daoism, and key understandings from these ancient schools permeate my approach. Deepening self-knowing, cultivating open awareness and grasping the energetics of change allows us to create lives that are truly whole and free.

From these experiences, I support my clients' development and transformation in ways that impact multiple spheres of their lives.

At the same time, I empower them to creatively develop more harmony and balance in their relational eco-systems. I believe we are all capable of harnessing the tools and capacities to transform conflict in our lives and be enlivened by the beautiful paradox of connectedness and independence.

I teach people how to better evolve and deepen their relationships (including the often-neglected relationship to self) and communicate with greater intentionality, potency and ease.

An important insight on my path to becoming a coach came from one of my jobs working closely with women peacemakers doing courageous and awe-inspiring work around the world to interrupt violence and create true peace within their communities. Something just clicked: I realised I was most interested in developing talent, leadership and unwavering perseverance against adversity. Over time, this became a full-time commitment to serving people wishing to embrace their inner transformation and upgrade their capacity for skilful outer action. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if I can support you in your journey.


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