I support individuals and teams manifest their highest potential by harnessing the

creative power of conflict and fostering ethical leadership.

I am also passionate about helping people seeking to live from their whole-hearted truth to align their pathways with their highest vision.

To skillfully respond to the greatest challenges of our time, the leaders and major movements of tomorrow must master the skills of communication and cooperation,

becoming flexible at seeing multiple perspectives, and building trusting, resilient relationships.

My work with leaders and organizations supports them unleashing the

inherent within conflict to support, not obstruct, their ultimate vision.

My expertise includes

  • Communication & negotiation

  • Teamwork & collaboration

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Conflict management/

       transformation systems

I am whole-heartedly committed to serving people who wish to embrace inner transformation and

upgrade their capacity for skillful outer action.

If you want to know how this will help you move the needle on what matters most to you, 

feel free to get in touch. 


I'm Kim

I'm a coach, peace specialist and co-author of

Compassionate Conversations - How to Speak and Listen from the Heart.

I started my career as a lawyer in London and Singapore, where I cut my teeth in the fields of litigation and arbitration, learning how to negotiate high-value, high-stakes disputes in international and corporate fields. But I soon realized that I was not satisfied with these ways of resolving conflict that, by design, could only deliver win/lose outcomes that privileged one side over the other. 

I needed to know that more was possible - for the benefit of all.

A huge turning point for me came through the work of one of my teachers, who expanded my worldview by incorporating integral and Zen Buddhist lenses to conflict work - helping me understand not only that much more was available, but that it was a necessary part of our growth to find those ways.

I went on to undertake my masters at Columbia University in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and later supported their program's post-graduate Resolution Strategies course as a Teaching Associate. Deeply devoted to the causes of international peace work, I became a conflict resolution specialist and peace researcher in and around the United Nations in New York, researching peacebuilding, mediation and gender issues with various international non-governmental organizations, multilateral institutes and universities. In this time, I thoroughly stretched and strengthened my capacity to hold the macro- as well as the micro- perspectives of some of our most ambitious organizations in our world, and the communities they reach. As it was important to me to keep honing my skills as a practitioner, I became certified as a mediator through the New York Peace Institute, carrying out community level mediation in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In one of my roles serving in the United Nations, supporting the appointment of senior leaders for many of the major political and peacekeeping missions, my passion for leadership really became sparked. Over time, I realized I cared most about advancing visionary leaders' abilities to connect and catalyze real change through engendering creativity and cooperation among their movements.

Earlier in my career, I instructed yoga and meditation across Singapore, Bali, China, and Japan. One unique flavor of my work derives from my background in mindfulness, zen buddhism, yoga, somatic bodywork, partner practices and philosophy (Eastern and Western), and these systems subtly but powerfully permeate my approach.

Today, I focus primarily on coaching, consulting, and writing, and my forthcoming co-authored book Compassionate Conversations will be available in late spring of 2020 with Shambhala Publications. 

After growing up between London, Hong Kong and Singapore, I am now based in sunny Southern California, where you can find me stretching, dancing, playing on the beach, and always dreaming up new adventures.

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“In order to build the movements capable of transforming our world,

we have to do our best to live with one foot in the world we have not yet created.”

 Aurora Levins Morales

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